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Terms and Conditions of hire

Prices quoted in the hire list are the price per single unit, unless stated otherwise.
Additional charges are made for delivery, collection, installation, operation and for VAT.

Discounts are available for the hire of complete systems, and shall be determined by the size of the complete system, prior to the hire period.

The duration of hire shall be calculated as the number of days between the despatch or delivery of the equipment, and its receipt or collection. Variation to this condition may be allowed, but only by prior arrangement. Delivery and collections can usually be arranged at weekends.

Equipment is offered for hire on the strict understanding that the hirer remains responsible for the equipment until it is received or collected by Midnight Electronics, and that the hirer has taken adequate insurance against all losses and damages.

Orders for equipment hire should be confirmed in writing by the hirer, prior to the period of hire. Such orders must clearly state the name address and telephone number of the hirer, the address of the location(s) of the equipment during the term of the hire, the required dates of the hire, and the schedule of the equipment required.

Invoices shall be raised on the return of the hired equipment, or monthly in the case of hires of two months duration or more, and shall be due for payment by return. Credit accounts may only be established by prior arrangement. Non-account holders will be required to pay for the hire in full, before the hire period, and will also be required to produce adequate personal identification.
Overdue accounts may be subject to interest charges calculated on a weekly basis, at a rate of 5% above Lloyds Bank base rate, as noted from time to time.

Equipment is offered for hire subject to availability. Midnight Electronics shall not accept liability for any loss resulting from the unavailability of equipment offered for hire, unless Midnight Electronics has issued a written contract to hire. Whilst Midnight Electronics takes great effort to maintain equipment in full working order, no liability can be accepted for any consequential loss or damage arising from the use, or non-use, of any equipment supplied.

Loss of equipment or damage to equipment will be charged in addition to the hire charges.

Midnight Electronics is pleased to offer advice and assistance in selecting the most appropriate equipment for the hire's purposes. In cases where the choice of equipment is made by the hirer the equipment shall be supplied in the good faith that the hirer is aware of the uses and limitations of that equipment, and no responsibility can be accepted if it later proves inappropriate.

In cases where a hire is cancelled at short notice, partial charges may made as follows:-
Within 24-48 hours of the start of hire: 20% of the hire cost.
Less than 24 hours of start of hire: 40% of the hire cost.
For long term hires, the cancellation charge shall not exceed 20% of two week's hire costs.
Hires cancelled AFTER the start of the scheduled start of hire shall be charged as hired, but a 30% allowance may be made if equipment is unused.

Prices exclude VAT and delivery charges

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