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Micron hand held radio mic & transmitter(pic right)

Micron hand held microphones are particularly respected by theatre and broadcast technicians the world over. The most significant feature is that they use AKG capacitor microphone capsules, and can be fitted with cardioid or omni directional capsules. The heads are interchangeable by the use of an allen key. Because of their capacitor mic capsules, the sound is distinctively bright - the top end is noticeably clearer than with dynamic capsules. On the down-side, many people find that they are more prone to feedback, particularly the omni-directional capsules when used near PA speakers such as stage monitors.

These mics operate with the same range of receivers that are used for the pocket transmitters (below). They use 9 volt "PP3" batteries and feature an inaudible tone which indicates low battery power at the receiver.

Micron pocket transmitters (pics, left)

These pocket transmitters are available with a variety of microphones and other inputs. The most popular are the Sony ECM 50 & ECM 55 series of clip-on lapel mics, the Sennheiser miniature MKE-2 which can be taped to the head or body, and input leads for other microphones such as Shure SM10 head-worn mic (with microphone boom in front of the mouth) and Sennheiser MKH 416 gun mic for remote outdoor work.

The larger transmitters, the TX102 and TX502, take two PP3 batteries to give longer life between battery changes, whereas the smaller transmitters use only one battery. A single alkaline battery will actually keep a transmitter going for up to 8 hours, but as that includes a good deal of operating below full voltage and a measure of luck, we would recommend operating for less than half that between battery changes, unless you are simply rehearsing.
Micron receivers (pics, below)

Micron radio mics are also available with a choice of receivers, rack mounted modules (pictured below), free standing mains powered diversity receivers and battery-powered portable receivers.


MDR 540 racked diversity receiver modules

MDR 540 racked diversity receiver modules

Sennheiser hand held radio mic & transmitter (pic below)

Sennheiser G2 radio microphone systems are used by entertainers and professionals users the world over. The series operate on a range of UHF frequencies which can be selected using the push-buttons and display screen at the back of the transmitter. The SKM565 model features a cardioid (directional) capacitor microphone for extremely clear vocals

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